Mintse 384 Sport

(Leffert 306 × Jieldou)
Leffert 306
Mintse 384 Sport - Friesian Stallion
Licensed by the KFPS as a breeding Friesian stallion, Mintse is fully approved on offspring and will never lose his breeding privileges. Mintse is a son of the preferent stallion Leffert 306 and the star mare Jieldou (Lammert Preferent) and was born in 1996.
Mintse has the Sport predicate behind his name. The Sport predicate is earned when a horse has proven himself as a superior horse in competition.
Not only must the horse achieve a high level in sport, he must also win at a high level consistently. Mintse has earned this predicate in dressage, competing and winning at Z2 dressage in the Netherlands. Mintse has also been the winner of the Silver Whip, a special award given for success in the dressage arena. In addition to all that Mintse has been a multiple time winner of the “Zilveren Klomp”, an award given to the crowd favorite as the horse with the best trot. 
In the Netherlands Mintse was very successful as a show driving horse, wowing both the judges and the audience with his amazing trot.
Mintse is one of the highest rated stallion in North America for improving the trot on his offspring. The FPS (Dutch registry) gives a score to evaluate the stallion's influence on many factors. A score of 100 is neutral...meaning the stallion did not influence the offspring in either a positive or negative way in a specific area. Mintse's score on the trot of his offspring is 106. (FPS breeding index 2007)
Mintse Facts:
Born: March 2, 1996
Height: 16.1 hands
Sire: Leffert Sport + Preferent
Dam: Jieldou Star + Preferent
Dam's sire: Lammert Preferent
Stam: 25
Fully approved on offspring
2005 KFPS World Grand Champion
2006 KFPS World Reserve Champion
Winner of the Zilveren Klomp 2003, 2004, 2005
"Sport" predicate
One of the highest rated stallions in North America for improving the trot on his offspring
One of the highest rated stallions in North America on "sport-ability" of offspring
Winner of the Silver Whip in dressage
Luxurious, long mane and forelock
Over 100 breedings in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Mintse’s offspring have beautiful heads, well developed necks, good conformation and demonstrate the same impressive movement as their sire.
Mintse is the proud sire of the KFPS stallion Tsjalle 454 (Mintse x Brandus). Tsjalle is the 2011 KFPS World Reserve Champion and reigning
Dutch Sjees Champion.