(Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent × Sientje v.d. Oostwal Star Preferent)
Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent
Sientje v.d. Oostwal Star Preferent

ALERT 475 SPORT - formally known as Casper Van De Oostwal

Alert 475 Sport
Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent x Hearke 254 Sport + Preferent
For the first time ever in North America, a stallion has been approved for breeding based on performance in the dressage arena.  And now there is a son of the amazing stallion Jasper 366 available for mare owners here in North Amercia.  Previously known as Casper van de Oostwal, we are proud to present to you Alert 475 Sport!
  • Born April 18, 2000
  • Height 167 cm
  • Sport predicate
  • Sire:  Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent
  • Dam:  Sientje v.d. Oostwal, Star + Preferent
  • Dam's sire:  Hearke 254 Sport + Preferent
  • Competed at PSG and I-1 for the 2012 USDF show season
  • Qualified for USDF Region 2 championships in 2012
  • Rider Stacy Posthumus was awarded FHANA's Dressage Performance Award with Casper as her mount
  • Participated in the Friesian Train performance at the 2010 World Equestrian Games
  • Standing at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station